CAT Repeaters Strategy 2024, Section-wise Plan For Repeaters

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The CAT exam can be tough, especially if you're trying it again. With 2.88 lakh people taking the CAT 2023, many don't get through on their first try. But don't give up! Lots of people who scored high tried more than once. We are going to discuss repeaters strategy for CAT 2024 aspirants. This article will show you how to do better if you're taking the CAT 2024 as a repeater. We'll talk about looking at your mistakes from before and the repeaters strategy for CAT2024.

3 Things To Evaluate By CAT Repeaters 2024

1. Mistakes You Made In Previous Attempt - What went wrong?

    Evaluate all the mistakes that you made in the previous attempt which cost you heavily. You can ask the following questions to better evaluate:

    a) Was it the consistency?

    b) Did I solve enough questions?

    c) Did I appear for enough mocks?

    d) Was it about the strategy I chose?

    e) Was it because of time management or confidence?

    Asking these questions and duly evaluating your reasons will give you enough mistakes that you made. Make sure to find the maximum number of mistakes possible so that you have a handy of things to avoid in CAT 2024.

    2. Which Section You Missed?

    Usually either a candidate misses only one section or two. Sometimes, a candidate misses all three sections. Understand what was your case. It will help you decide which section to focus more on in the CAT 2024 repeaters preparation strategy.

    Also, include the difficulty level of each section in the evaluation so you have a relative measure of evaluation. Check what more questions you could solve or what mistakes you made in each section. In VARC, did you choose the right RCs or what is it about comprehension? Did you choose the right sets or the wrong sets in DILR? In QA, was it about lack of practice or you didn't know the formula etc? Note down the mistakes of all the sections you made.

    3. Mock Test Performance

    Review your performance in mock tests leading up to the exam. Identify patterns of mistakes and areas of weakness. By carefully evaluating mock test performance, you can identify areas needing improvement, refine your exam strategies, and gauge your readiness for the CAT exam. Mock tests play a crucial role in assessing your preparation levels, identifying weak areas, and setting studying plans to maximize performance in the real exam.

     CAT Repeaters Strategy 2024: Section-wise Plan


    Since the VARC section is more about the language assessment, you have to work on your English language skills only. Set aside about one to one and a half hours every day for VARC practice. Start by reading things you enjoy, like articles from different topics and genres, to get used to different writing styles. For Reading Comprehension (RC), try different methods to see what works best for you, whether it's reading the questions first or the RC first. Keep practising regularly until the exam day, focusing on improving your reading speed and comprehension skills. Take mock tests specifically for VARC and analyze your performance to identify strengths and weaknesses. Following this plan consistently and adapting strategies that suit you can help you do better in the VARC section as a CAT repeater.


    The DILR section tests majorly your problem-solving skills. This skill is not developed in a day. You have to develop it over time by constantly working on this. Make sure that you solve a minimum of 2 DILR sets every day with complete focus. Give those 2 sets full attention and understand how they are solved. Understand the nuances of the sets. When you do this for 2-3 months consistently, your problem-solving ability would have been developed much better. Use timed manner sets. Solve sectional tests to test your time management strategies. You can also try to play Chess and Sudoku to keep your mind sharp and enhance your problem-solving mindset.


    QA section is all about practising as many as possible good quality questions. First practice your basics and make your basics strong by solving good quality of CAT relevant questions. Once that is done, go for LOD 2 and start solving advanced-level sets. Maintain a notebook for formulas and important concepts. Appear for Concept tests and sectional. Try to understand which concepts you are facing more problems in. As a repeater, you must be thorough with most of your basics so this strategy won't take you much time. Make sure you don't leave any concept in quantitative aptitude.


    CAT Repeaters 2024: Mock Strategy 

    As a repeater, your basics for all the sections would not take much time to cover. Therefore, once your basics and advanced concepts are done, your mock strategy as a repeater should be to take as many mocks for CAT 2024 as possible. Aim for at least 25 mocks. This much mocking will build confidence within you.

    Also, make sure to avoid the mistakes you made in the previous year's mocks. Try your improvised strategy and keep on improving. Work on the time management process in CAT 2024 mocks. Cracku's CAT Mock Test are excellent source, if you use them efficiently they definitely gonna help you achieve 99+ percentile.

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    Best Preparation Tips for CAT 2024 Repeaters

    1. Targeted Weakness Approach: Instead of general revision, focus intensely on improving the weak spots through targeted practice and study sessions. This personalized approach can lead to significant improvement in your overall performance.
    2. Study Groups: Form study groups with other CAT repeaters or aspirants preparing for similar exams. Collaborative learning can give important approaches, insights, and support. Discussing concepts, sharing strategies, and solving problems together can improve your understanding and boost your confidence.
    3. Daily Revision and Analysis: Dedicate a specific portion of your study time each day to revise previously learned concepts and analyze your progress. Regular revision helps a lot in strengthening the concept knowledge.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. When should I start preparing for CAT 2024?

    Ans. April is the perfect month to start your CAT 2024 preparation. Since April, you have enough time to cover your basics, advances and mocks.

    Q2. How to prepare for CAT 2024?

    Ans. Cover your basics first. Solve as many questions as possible. Appear for mocks and see where you are making mistakes and avoid the mistakes in the next mock.

    Q3. What is the best plan for CAT repeaters?

    Ans. Do a complete analysis of what mistakes you made and where you lacked. Start the preparation again and remember to avoid the mistakes of previous attempts.

    Q4. What is the best preparation strategy for CAT 2024 repeaters?

    Ans. As a CAT repeater, you must be done with your basics. Directly start solving the advanced questions and attempt as many mocks as possible.

    Q5. How many CAT attempts are allowed?

    Ans. There is no limit to the number of attempts for CAT.

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