Cat 2019 Comprehensive Course

1 Year Course for CAT with Daily Schedule

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  • Revision Test(Logical representation of information, Selection with Conditions, Team Selection, TSD)
DateName of Session
10 DecCAT - Course Overview
11 DecVerbal Ability Overview
12 DecLRDI Overview
13 DecQuantitative Aptitude Overview
14 DecMixtures and Alligations
17 DecRatio and Proportions
18 DecDI approximation techniques
19 DecApproach to Reading Comprehension
20 DecAlligation
21 DecRevision-Ratios, DI approximations, Approach to RCs
24 DecAlligation-3 mixtures
25 DecProfit and loss overview
26 DecData Interpretation Basics
27 DecInformative reading comprehension
28 DecRevision (Alligation, Profit and Loss, DI Basics, Informative RC)
31 DecEinstein puzzle
01 JanIntroduction to profit and loss
02 JanSuccessive percentage change
03 JanApproach to RC
04 JanRevision (Einstein puzzle, Introduction to profit and loss, Successive percentage change, RC)
07 JanTime and work
08 JanPipes and cisterns
09 JanTime and work overview
10 JanScientific, Satirical, and persuasive RC
11 JanRevision - Time and work, Pipes and cisterns, Persuasive RC, Scientific RC, Sarcastic Satirical RC
14 JanLogical representation of information (Overview)
15 JanSelection with Conditions
16 JanTeam Selection: Advanced
17 JanIntroduction to Time, Speed, Distance
18 JanRevision (Logical representation of information, Selection with Conditions, Team Selection, TSD)
21 JanTime, Speed and Distance (Overview)
22 JanRelative Velocity
23 JanIdentifying the Central Idea of the Passage
24 JanMain idea/ Purpose of the passage (Overview)

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