Personal Interview (PI) Questions for IIM Interviews 2021


Personal Interview Questions for IIM Interviews:

The Personal Inteview questions that are most expected in the IIM’s and other Top B-School interviews 2021 are given below. The candidates are required to prepare and go through the general questions and questions on basics of their specialization in graduation.

GD-WAT Topics for IIM Interviews

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Personal Interview General Questions:

  1. What is the difference between a good manager and a good leader?
  2. What is your biggest failure?
  3. Why marketing/finance/etc specialization? (Mention name of specialization before the answer)
  4. Why MBA now and not after experience? (For freshers) (If you are experienced, ignore this question)
  5. Why are you academics so poor? (For poor academics) (If your academics are good, ignore this question)
  6. What do you parents, colleagues and your boss say about you?
  7. What do you do in your spare time?
  8. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  9. What does success mean to you?
  10. Why do you want to pursue MBA?
  11. How do you organize yourself for a typical day.
  12. Tell me instances where you have shown leadership.
  13. What is your greatest achievement?
  14. What are your short term and long term career goals?
  15. Tell me about yourself.


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Questions on Hobbies:

1 Singing/Dancing/Musical instruments
2 Cooking
3 Adventure – Trekking/Marathon/Cycling
4 Outdoor sports – Cricket/Football/table tennis/Martial arts
5 Indoor games – Chess, table-tennis, carrom etc.
6 Sketching/ Art/Painting
7 Travelling
8 Exercise forms : Gyming/Yoga/zumba/pilates
9 Swimming
10 Listening Music
11 Photography
12 Animators/Graphic designing
13 Social service
14 Literary activities : Creative writing, Blogging, dairy writing, quora
15 Following current affairs
16 Online Gaming
17 Gardening
18 Food blogging
19 Debating
20 Watching movies/TV series.
21 Reading books

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IIM Interview Questions on Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Questions:

1 What is heat treatment and what is its purpose?
2 Differentiate between first-angle projection and third angle projection.
3 What is the difference between creep and fatigue(in material science)?
4 Typical stress-strain curves for various types of materials.
5 Is It The Stress That, Produces Strain Or Strain Produces Stress?
6 Difference between runner and riser (foundry)?
7 Define degrees of freedoms.
8 Differentiate between impulse and reaction turbines.
9 Explain different types of braking systems used in vehicles. What is brake bleeding?
10 Define toe in and toe out (automobile)?
11 What is ABS and EBD?
12 Tell us about Carnot engine.
13 Explain the refrigeration cycle.
14 Tell us about the working of Petrol and Diesel Engine.
15 What is the difference between two and four stroke?
16 What are the laws of thermodynamics? What is perpetual motion machine of 1st kind, 2nd kind etc?
17 What is the difference between adiabatic and isothermic reactions?
18 What are the different types of metalworking processes? (Rolling, Forming etc.)
19 Differentiate between a shaper machine, a slottter machine and a planner machine.
20 What is the purpose of governor and EGR valve?
21 What is bending moment?
22 What are the types of steel? What is the composition and how does the composition affect the property?
23 Difference between plasticity and elasticity.
24 Difference between hardness and toughness.
25 What is bernoulli’s equation and principle?

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Civil Engineering Questions:

1 How do you measure concrete? (units)
2 What are the various steps involved in the concreting process?
3 What is the meaning of soil reinforcement?
4 What is ‘aggregate’?
5 What is ‘modulus of elasticity’ and its applications?
6 What is soil analysis?
7 What are the reinforcements that are used in the process of prestressing?
8 Describe the various types of slump test indications.
9 Can you point out the various methods of curing concrete?
10 Why are steel plates inserted inside bearings in elastomeric bearings?
11 What is a concrete box girder bridge?
12 What is the difference between a pot bearing and an elastomeric bearing?
13 Why should pumping be not used in case of concreting works?
14 Discuss different types of Building foundations?
15 Explain the cavitation process in pipes & drains?
16 What do you mean by M20?
17 Can you list out some of the common ways of demolition?
18 What is honeycombing and how to rectify it on-site?
19 How will you measure the workability of concrete on-site? (tests)
20 What is the composition of concrete?
21 What is the composition of cement? (percentage distribution)
22 What is the difference between a beam and a girder?
23 Define strength and toughness?
24 What is cantilever? What are its support conditions?
25 What is bending moment?
26 What are CPM and PERT?
Interesting factual/ current affairs questions
27 World’s/ India’s tallest human-made structure?
28 World’s tallest statue.
29 Height of the ‘Statue of Unity’.
30 What is a ‘green building’?

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Chemical Engineering Questions:

1 What is heat treatment ?What are the modes of heat transfer? Examples of each
2 Difference between laminar and turbulent flow? At what reynold nuber does a laminar flow cease to exist?
3 What is the difference between turbine and impeller?
4 Explain stress-strain curves for various types of materials.
5 What is kozeny-Carman equation? What is vapour compression-evaporation?
6 Pros and cons of cstr and pfr
7 Define degrees of freedoms.
8 Differentiate between impulse and reaction turbines.
9 What is a polymer, what are the types of polymerisation
10 What is a manometer
11 Explain TLC, HPLC, GC
12 Tell us about Carnot engine? What is fouling
13 Explain the refrigeration cycle.
14 Explain the process of industrial manufacturing of Hcl, HNO3, H2SO4, Wine making etc
15 What is crystallisation, steam distillation, reverse osmosis, polynmerisation, extrusion?
16 What are the laws of thermodynamics?
17 What is the difference between adiabatic and isothermic reactions?
18 What happens to humidity at low temperatures? What happens to solubility at high pressures?
19 What does space-time, space velocity mean?
20 Write any 1 equation of mass transfer/momentum transfer/energy transfer from transport phenomenon?
21 What is bending moment? Difference between plasticity and elasticity.
22 Explain navier-stokes theorem?
23 What is bouyancy? Explain archemedis principle
24 What is newtonian and non-newtonian fluids
25 What is bernoulli’s equation and principle?
26 Difference between newtonian and non-newtonian liquids
27 Explain fick’s law of diffusion? What is McCabe Thiele method?
28 What is chemical reaction engineering?
29 Write a process flow diagram
30 Write a balanced chemical equation? WHat is heat of reaction, equilibrium, kinetics?

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Instrumentation Engineering Questions:

1 What are sensors? What are the different temperature/pressure/flow/proximity/optical sensors? Working, Merits and demerits of each sensor.
2 Why 0-20mA signal is not used as a standard but 4-20mA is used as the standard in electrical measurements?
3 Define various terms like accuracy/precision/resolution/sensitivity/types of errors. [Asked in SIBM interview]
4 What is doping. How are diodes/transistors formed based on this principle. Explain working of zener diode.
5 What are OP-Amps? Explain about OP-AMP741/parameters of OpAmps.
6 .Resistor / Inductor/Capacitor and their behavior related to AC current and DC currents.
7 How is filtering achieved? RC/RL/RLC/Highpass and lowpass filters. Terms associated with them.
8 Basic circuits like Thevinins, Norton , Wheatstone bridge. Halfwave, fullwave and bridge rectifiers.
9 Types of systems like time variant& invariant, linear and non-linear, analogous systems.
10 What is transfer function. Why and how is it useful?
Process Control:
11 1st order/2nd order/3rd order processes. What are they? How are they different from each other? Real life examples.
12 Terms associated with controllers. Parameters required to design controllers. Kp, Ti and Td. How are they used to determine the efficiency of a controller
13 P , PI and PID controllers. difference between each controller. Advantages and disadvantages. Real life examples
Industrial Instrumentation:
14 What are Distributed control systems? How are they used?
15 What are PLC’s? Explain ladder logic. How is it used in an industrial setup.
16 Scada systems, HMI systems

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Questions for Commerce Graduates:

  1. What is capital budgeting? Difference between NPV and IRR?
  1. What is DCF?
  1. How do you estimate GDP? What is a production function?
  1. What is Securitization?
  1. What is type-1, type-2 error? What is skewness?
  1. About basic economics – Inflation, deflation, currency movements etc.
  1. Demand Curve, Slope of a Demand Curve, Elasticity of Demand.
  1. Economies of Scale & Economies of Scope.
  1. On accounting – Balance sheets, Fictitious Assets, Cash flow statements, difference between profitability and cash flow etc.
  1. Management accounting.
  1. Marginal cost vs variable cost, etc.
  1. Taxation, financial management, basic marketing concepts, etc.
  1. GST Rates
  1. Porter’s 5 Factor Model
  1. What is the difference between Marketing and Sales?
  1. What is forensic accountancy?
  1. What is deferred tax liability/asset?
  1. Relation between stock price and volume, relation between stock price and company performance etc.
  1. Recent Changes in the Budget, holistic view of the Budget, etc.


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More Subjects will be added soon, please keep checking for more updates.


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