How To Crack CAT In 1 Month (30 Days Study Plan)

How To Crack CAT In 1 Month (30 Days Study Plan)

1 Month to CAT 2023: Self-study Plan

CAT 2023 is scheduled to be conducted on the 26th of November by IIM Lucknow. The admit cards have been released on the official website of CAT 2023 ( It is advised to download the CAT 2023 admit cards before the deadline, i.e. November 26th, 2023. To get admission into the top b-schools such as IIMs, FMS Delhi, etc., one should score above the 99 percentile in CAT.

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There are only 30 days left for the CAT exam. Every aspirant had a question, “Can I crack CAT in 30 days?”. To be honest, it is hard to crack CAT in 30 days but not impossible. One can get more than 90 percentile in CAT in 1 month with a study plan and some hard work. Even an average student can crack the CAT exam in one month. In this article, we will discuss how to crack CAT in one month with a detailed study plan which includes the important topics to cover for cracking CAT 2023.

Can I Prepare For CAT In 1 Month?

As the time available is limited, it will be tough to complete your CAT preparation in 1 month or 30 days the conventional way. Hence, avoid starting from books. The first step is to have some understanding of where you stand with respect to the competition. This can be established by taking mock tests. Take free CAT mock tests regularly to keep track of your preparation in these last few days. After taking the mock, try to analyze where you fall short of your required target.

  • After taking the mock test, you will have some vague idea about the ground left to cover.
  • Start by revising the fundamentals. Set aside a day or two just to revise the fundamentals you have learned. Ability to recollect a concept is critical. Hence, start by revising the basics.
  • Once you are done with the basics, start your preparation by solving and analysing mock tests. From now on, take mocks at regular intervals. Take at least two mock tests every week. After the mock, try to solve the questions you have gotten wrong without looking at the solution.
  • Do not neglect your strengths. Try to score as high as possible in the section of your strength. Doing so will enhance your overall percentile by a good margin. Hence, make sure that you exploit your strengths in the exam.

As the time availability is limited, it is better to be aware of the important topics to cover in all the sections of CAT and try to have a strong grasp on those topics. Have a look at the important topics for CAT 2023 as follows.

Important VARC Topics For CAT 2023

This is one of the easy scoring sections, whereas one should have to focus on increasing the reading abilities while preparing. The most important topics in VARC are as follows:

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Para Summary
  3. Para Jumbles & Odd one out

Important DILR Topics For CAT 2023

CAT has moved away from the traditional DILR sets, it’s imperative to practice the non-traditional type of sets. The sets that are appearing are more logic-based (and relatively less data-intensive in nature). Aspirants can improve their logical reasoning skills by practising puzzles and other unconventional problems. The only trick to ace this section is practising a variety of questions to improve the ability to face various fatigue in this section. The below given are the most important topics to practice while preparing for CAT 2023.

  1. Arrangements
  2. Games and Tournaments
  3. Puzzles
  4. Venn diagrams (maxima-minima)
  5. Quantitative LR
  6. Spider charts; Graphs & charts

Important Quant Topics For CAT 2023

Quantitative Aptitude is the section which is a high-scoring section, aspirants are advised to clear all the quant basics before doing practice and have a firm grasp on basics. After completing of quant basics then, start practising the problem in the given most important topics in the Quant section.

  1. Arithmetics – Ratio & Proportions, Average & Percentages, Simple & Compound Interest, Time, Speed & Distance, Time & Work, etc.
  2. Algebra
  3. Geometry

These are the most important topics to be covered in these last 30 days, if you feel that you have a strong grasp on these topics, then have a look at some basics of number systems and modern maths only if you have time to prepare. But do not spend too much time on it.

Is 1 Month Enough For CAT?

As mentioned earlier, CAT preparation for 1 month is somehow tough. But is possible to crack CAT if you have a perfect preparation plan for these 30 days. If you are struggling to make a study plan, it is advised to check out our CAT 30 days study schedule, which includes the tasks to be completed day to day till the date of examination. Click on the below link to check out Cracku’s 30 days CAT preparation schedule, which was made as per the latest pattern.

CAT 30 Days Preparation Schedule

To score above the 95 percentile in CAT 2023, it is advised to take guidance from the experts, where you can get through the CAT 1-month excellent crash course by Cracku.

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