Quadratic Equations formulas for CAT PDF

    quadratic equations formulas for CAT pdf
    quadratic equations formulas for CAT pdf

    Quadratic Equations is one of the important topics for CAT. The theory involved in this topic is very simple and students should be comfortable with the some basic formulas and concepts. This quadratic equations formulas for CAT pdf covers all the important formulas and concepts related to Quadratic Equations. Download and Practice Quadratic equations CAT Problems PDF.

    Download Quadratic Equations for CAT Formulas PDF

    Outline of various things covered in quadratic equations formulas for CAT PDF

    • General Quadratic equation
    • Sum of the roots
    • Product of the roots
    • Properties of roots
    • discriminant of the Quadratic equation
    • Minimum and maximum values of equation
    • Generic formulas for sum and product of the roots for any equation
    • Finding a quadratic equation from roots
    • Descartes Rules
    • And some other concepts, formulas on quadratic equations.

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