CAT 2022 Slot-2 Analysis [Section-wise]

CAT 2022 Slot 2 Analysis
CAT 2022 Slot 2 Analysis

CAT 2022 Slot-2 Analysis:

The Second slot of the CAT 2022 Exam took place between 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm. As compared with CAT 2021, the exam pattern remained pretty much the same in CAT 2022. According to inputs from students, the overall difficulty level of the second slot was considered difficult. The conduct of the test in the three slots was nearly smooth and without glitches. This article will look at the CAT 2022 Slot-2 Analysis (section-wise) and the expected CAT 2022 Score vs. Percentile.

Section Number of Questions Duration MCQs TITA
VARC 24 40 min 21 3
DILR 20 40 min 14 6
QA 22 40 min 14 8
Total 66 120 min 49 17


Similar to the earlier slot, the test started with VARC, followed by DILR, and followed by the QA section. One can’t skip a section and should complete 40 min in each section to proceed to the next section.

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Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Analysis (CAT 2022 Slot-2 Analysis)

The VARC section in all three slots is similar, with the majority of the RCs asking Inference type of questions. The overall difficulty of Slot 2 VARC is Moderate-Difficult. There are 4 passages with 4 questions each. Verbal is easier compared with RC. A Major change in the VA section this year was that, the Odd Man Out questions were eliminated, and Fill in the Blanks/Para Completion Type questions were asked instead of them.

The VA section had 3 Parajumbles, 3 Para Summary and 2 Fill in the Blank/Para Completion Type questions. A decent attempt would be 17-19 questions.

Areas of Questions Number of questions Overall Difficulty level
RC 1 4 Moderate – Difficult
RC 2 4 Moderate
RC 3 4 Easy-Moderate
RC 4 4 Difficult
Verbal Ability
Para Summary 2 Easy – Moderate, 1 Moderate Easy-Moderate
Para Jumbles 2 Easy-Moderate, 1 Moderate Easy-Moderate
Fill the blanks/Para completion 1 Easy 1 Moderate Easy-Moderate
Over All 24 Moderate

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Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Analysis (CAT 2022 Slot-2 Analysis):

The difficulty level of Slot 2 DILR is slightly less than Slot 1. Like Slot 1
there were a total of 20 questions in 4 sets with 5 questions each. Overall, the Slot 2 DILR section was Moderate-Difficult. A decent attempt would be 11-13 questions.

Set Type Topic Number of Questions Overall Difficulty
Logical Reasoning Cosmetic Items Sales 5 Moderate
Data Interpretation Destinations Diagram 5 Moderate – Difficult
Logical Reasoning Salesmen & colonies 5 Moderate
Data Interpretation Cost-Revenue 5 Easy – Moderate
Over All 20 Moderate – Difficult

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Quantitative Aptitude Analysis (CAT 2022 Slot-2 Analysis):

The difficulty level of Slot 2 QA was the Most Difficult slot. Like Slot 1
there were a total of 22 questions, with the majority of questions from Arithmetic. Overall Slot 2 QA section is considered Difficult. A decent attempt would 12-14 questions.

Topic No of questions Difficulty
Arithmetic 9 Moderate-Difficult
Algebra 7 Moderate-Difficult
Geometry & Mensuration 4 Difficult
Modern Math 1 Moderate
Number System 1 Difficult
Over All 22 Difficult


CAT Score Vs Percentile:

Based on the feedback received from Cracku students and our team, the estimated marks vs percentile for individual sections and overall is as follows:

Percentile VARC DILR QA Total
99 40-42 30-32 34-36 98
95 31 22 30 71
90 27 18 24 58
85 24 16 14 50
80 21 14 12 44
70 18 12 10 39


Note: These are only expected percentiles as per our deep understanding, and actual percentiles may vary from these.


The cutoffs are very difficult to predict as of now; the overall difficulty of CAT was considered difficult this year. Hence, the cutoffs are expected to drop slightly this year. Also, the CAT 2022 questions and CAT 2022 Response Sheet (with CAT answer key) are expected to release in a week. We will update you immediately once the CAT offcial answer key is out.


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