IIFT 2018 Question 95

Question 95

A Business Group has 3 Companies X,Y,Z and a Trust P which is engaged in charitable activities. Each group company has to donate 5% of its own funds to the Trust, excluding the loan which the company has taken from other companies of the group. X has given a loan to Y which is equivalent to 10% of the funds of Y. After receiving the loan, Y has funds which are 2 times the funds of Z. If Z gave Rs. 10,000 as donation to the Trust P, how much is the approximate contribution of 'Y' to the Trust P ?


Z's funds = 10000 x 100/5 = 2 lakhs

Y has funds which are 2 times the funds of Z => 4 lakhs

X has given loan to Y which is equal to 10% of funds of Y

y's funds + 10% of Y's funds = 4 lakhs

Y's funds = 4/1.1 lakhs

Y's donation = 5/100 (4/1.1lakhs) = 18181.81 

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