Each of these has a question folowed by two statements numbered I and II.

Question 91

If a certain village is losing 12% of its water supply each day because of a burst water pipe, then what is the loss in rupee per day?

I. The daily water supply to the village is 700m gallon.
II. The cost to the village for every 24000 gallons of water lost is 25.


(i) The daily water supply to the village = 700 million gallons

From this 12% is lost i.e 84 million gallons

(ii) Cost for every 24,000 gallons of water lost = 25 and for 84 millions it is 25 x 3500 = 87500 rs

Using (i) and (ii) we can find the loss in rupee per day.

Hence, option C is the correct answer.

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