IIFT 2019 Question 85


Direction : Answer the questions based on the information provided.

In a building with various offices on 12 floors there are two lifts. Lift 1 halts at even numbered floors and Lift 2 at odd numbered. A, B, C and D have their offices on 2, 8, 7 and 11 floors respectively. The office reaching time for A and C is 9:10 am while for B and D is 9:15 am and 9:20 am respectively. The attendance will be marked on the floor office. The lift takes 30 seconds to cross from one floor to another and halts on the selected floor for 30 seconds. The employees have to complete 8 hours and 30 minutes per day and are allowed to be late in the morning up to a maximum of 30 minutes which has to be compensated for in the evening. They have to enter the building from Ground i.e. ‘0’ floor and it is not necessary that the lift is always available.

Question 85

If A reaches the building at 9:08 am and Lift 1 is at the $$6^{th}$$ floor with only B in it, at what time can at the earliest leave from office on that given day ?


The lift is at the 6th floor. It takes 1 minute to reach 8 th floor. Further it stops for 30 seconds here.
It climbs down 8 floors. It takes 4 minutes for the same. It takes 30 seconds to halt at ground floor. Now it travels 2 floors to second floor in 1 minute. Totally it takes 7 minutes. 

Therefore B reaches office at 9:15, which is his office start time. He can therefore leave office is 8 hours 30 minutes which is 5:45

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