Question 80

Two men A and B start walking from a place 'X' at $$4\frac{1}{2}$$ km/h and $$5\frac{3}{4}$$ km/h respectively. How many km apart will they be at the end of $$3\frac{1}{2}$$  hours if they are walking in the same direction?


Relative speed between A and B is given by,

$$\frac{23}{4} - \frac{9}{2} = \frac{23 - 18}{4} = \frac{5}{4}$$ km/h

Total number of km's away is given by,

D = $$\frac{5}{4} \times \frac{7}{2}$$

D = $$\frac{35}{8}$$ (or) $$4\frac{3}{8}$$ km

Hence, option C is the correct answer.

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