Question 8

In a code language, INFORMATIVE is written as ROFNILEVITA. How will SUPERFICIAL be written as in that language?


INFORM$$ \overrightarrow{ATIVE} $$    is written as from left to ROFNIL $$\overleftarrow{EVITA}$$

Middle term M is written (-1) as L and remaining $$ \overleftarrow{INFOR} \ M \overrightarrow{ATIVE}$$ half of the terms is written as $$ \overleftarrow{ROFNI} \ L \ \overleftarrow{EVITA}$$

Similearly, SUPERFICIAL is written as

$$ \overleftarrow{SUPER} \ F \overrightarrow{ICIAL}$$ half of the terms is written as $$ \overleftarrow{REPUS} \ E \ \overleftarrow{LAICI}$$

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