Study the situation given below to answer these questions.

Although he was born in a little village near the coast and had gone to school in the nearest seaside town. Mr. Smith was not a lover of the sea; even when walking along the sands, he was always afraid of being cut off by the tide. He was not a very good swimmer, so perhaps this accounts for it.

After working for some years in London he was transferred to a coast resort, and of course, the family outings were often made to the beach. One day his children pleaded to go out into the bay in a boat. The sun shone brightly, there was little wind and the water was calm. So Mr. Smith hired a boat and with his two children rowed out into the bay. Of course they were tempted to go farther than they had intended, past the protecting cliffs and out to the open sea. At first all went well, but when they decided to turn back they encountered difficulties. A strong breeze had sprung up and the currents here
were rather treacherous.

Mr. Smith rowed hard, but it seemed they were making little progress. The children, were waving to attract the attention of the people on the beach. Just then a motor boat appeared from the direction of the bay. Their plight had been noticed and the boat had come to their rescue.

A line was soon attached and they were towed back round the cliff to the shore. Mr. Smith’s dislike of the sea was not diminished by this experience.

Question 8

How did Mr. Smith and children get back to the shore?

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