Question 77

Select the option that is most opposite in meaning for the word underlined in the statement given below:

He managed to insinuate himself into the wealthy circles of the city through his knack of telling unusual stories.


The word "insinuate" means to suggest or imply something in an indirect or subtle way. In this context, it means that he managed to gain entry into wealthy circles by telling unusual stories.

The opposite of "insinuate" would be a more direct and overt approach. "Evince" means to display or demonstrate clearly and openly.

Option A: "Wedge" means to create a division between two things or people. This is not the opposite of insinuate.

Option B: "Attach" means to connect or join something to something else, which is not the opposite of "insinuate".

Option C: "Promote" means to encourage or support the growth or development of something, which is not the opposite of "insinuate".

Therefore, none of the options A, B, or C is opposite in meaning to "insinuate".

The answer is option D.

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