Question 58

A team of workers was employed by a contractor who under took to finish 360 pieces of an article in a certain number of days, Making four more pieces per day than was planned, they could complete the job a day ahead of schedule. How many days did they take to complete the Job?


Let initial number of days planned be $$x$$, then number of pieces done per day = $$\frac{360}{x}$$

According to ques,

=> $$x\times\frac{360}{x}=(x-1)\times(4+\frac{360}{x})$$

=> $$4x-4+360-\frac{360}{x}=360$$

=> $$4x^2-4x-360=0$$

=> $$x^2-x-90=0$$

=> $$(x-10)(x+9)=0$$

=> $$x=10, -9$$

$$\because$$ $$x$$ cannot be negative, => Number of days taken = 10 days

=> Ans - (A)

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