Directions for the following four questions: In each question, there are five sentences. Each sentence has a pair of words that are italicized and highlighted. From the italicized and highlighted words, select the most appropriate words (A or B) to form correct sentences. The sentences are followed by options that indicate the words, which may be selected to correctly complete the set of sentences. From the options given, choose the most appropriate one.

Question 56

The cake had lots of currents(A)/currants(B) and nuts in it.
If you engage in such exceptional(A)/exceptionable(B) behaviour, I will be forced to punish you.
He has the same capacity as an adult to consent(A)/assent(B) to surgical treatment.
The minister is obliged (A)/compelled(B) to report regularly to a parliamentary board.
His analysis of the situation is far too sanguine(A)/genuine(B).


Currants are any of several tart red or black berries. Hence should be used in in given context.
Correct usage of second sentence is 'If you engage in such exceptionable behaviour, I will be forced to punish you.'
Correct usage of third sentence is 'He has the same capacity as an adult to consent to surgical treatment.'
Being obliged means being duty bound. hence should be used in the sentence.
Sanguine means confidently optimistic and cheerful. Hence perfectly fits with the last sentence.

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