Question 5

The FIRST and the LAST sentences of the paragraph are numbered 1 & 6. The others, labelled as P, Q, R and S are given below:
1. The word “symmetry” is used here with a special meaning, and therefore needs to be defined.
P. For instance, if we look at a vase that is left-and-right symmetrical, then turn it 180° around the vertical axis, it looks the same.
Q. When we have a picture symmetrical, one side is somehow the same as the other side.
R. When is a thing symmetrical - how can we define it?
S. Professor Hermann Weyl has given this definition of symmetry: a thing is symmetrical if one can subject it to a certain operation and it appears exactly the same after operation.
6.We shall adopt the definition of symmetry in Weyl’s more general form, and in that form we shall discuss symmetry of physical laws.

Which of the following combinations is the MOST LOGICALLY ORDERED?


Statement R will come first as it asks a question. Statement Q answers the question asked in statement R. Statement S provides one definition of 'symmetry' and statement P further elaborates the definition. Thus, the correct order is 1 - R - Q - S - P - 6.
Hence, option D is the correct answer.

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