Question 4

The FIRST and the LAST sentences of the paragraph are numbered 1 & 6. The others, labelled as P, Q, R and S are given below:
1.Suppose I know someone, Smith.
P. One day you come to me and say: “Smith is in Cambridge.”
Q. I inquire, and find you stood at Guildhall and saw at the other end a man and said: “That was Smith.”
R. I’d say: “Listen. This isn’t sufficient evidence.”
S. I’ve heard that he has been killed in a battle in this war.
6. If we had a fair amount of evidence he was killed I would try to make you say that you’re being credulous.

Which of the following combinations is the MOST LOGICALLY ORDERED?


Statement S is connected to statement 1 in which the author provides information about Smith and his knowledge about him.
'Inquire' in statement Q refers to the fact mentioned in statement P. So, statement Q should follow P. 'Evidence' mentioned in statement R refers to the argument mentioned in statement Q. So, statement R should follow statement Q. Thus, the correct order is 1 - S - P - Q - R - 6.
Hence, option A is the correct answer.

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