Question 4

Read the following statements and answer the question that follows:

1.The periodic table orders the elements in a way that helps to understand why atoms behave as they do.
2.The properties of the elements are due to electronic configuration, and their recurring pattern gives rise to periodicity.
3.In other words, what gives the elements their properties and what order lies below the surface of their seemingly random nature?
4.What makes Fluorine react violently with Caesium while its nearest neighbour neon is reluctant to react with anything?

Which of the following options is the best logical order of the above statements?


Statement 1 introduces the topic: "The Periodic Table". Hence, it will be the first statement.

4-3 forms a logical pair as 4 gives the example of Fluorine and 3 explains the aim behind it.

Only option B satisfies the criteria.

Hence, the answer is option B.

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