XAT 2017 Question 3

Question 3

Read the following statements and answer the question that follows:

1.This is Russia’s Wild West, though the mountains lie to the south of Moscow and St. Petersburg.
2.The Caucasus range has throughout history held Russians, especially fierce nationalists like Solzhenitsyn, in fear and awe.
3.Here, between the Black and Caspian seas, is a land bridge where Europe gradually vanishes amid a six-hundred-mile chain of mountains as high as eighteen thousand feet - mesmerizing in their spangled beauty, especially after the yawning and flat mileage of the steppe lands to the north.
4.Here, since the seventeenth century, Russian colonizers have tried to subdue congeries of proud peoples: Chechens, Ingush, Ossetes, Daghestanis, Abkhaz, Kartvelians, Kakhetians, Armenians, Azeris, and others.
5.Here, the Russians encountered Islam in both its moderation and implacability.

Which of the following options is the best logical order of the above statements?


The sequence begins with sentence 2 which introduces the region to us and its impact on Russian nationalists. The, we can see that sentence 1 has "the mountains" which means the sentence preceding 1 must describe/talk about a certain mountain range. This is done in 3 which has "six hundred mile chain of mountains.....". Hence, the sequence begins with 2-3-1. Coming now to the people inhabiting the said region, sentence 4 tells us the different races of people who live in this region and lastly sentence 5 closes the paragraph by telling us what kind of impact it had on Russians. Hence, the order is 23145.

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