Question 39

Arrange the sentences in the most logical order to form a coherent paragraph. From the given options (A, B, C, D) choose the most appropriate sequence.
(i) For almost a billion years, while its core churned and produced a protective magnetic field, Mars may have been among the friendlier places for life as we know it to set up and flourish.
(ii) But that is what the $2.4-billion 2020 rover will attempt to do.
(iii) Though Mars is a parched, toxic desert today, the planet was once much warmer and covered in liquid seas.
(iv) The trouble is, finding evidence for past life on an alien world, especially if that extinct life is microscopic, is not exactly easy.


After going through the sentences, we can understand that the paragraph talks about life on the planet Mars.
Sentence 3 introduces the topic as it talks about Mars and its qualities.
3 and 1 are pairs as sentence 1 further talks about Mars and how it has been among friendlier places to live.
Sentence 4 which furthers the discussion by stating the difficulty in tracing the past evidence.
Sentence 2 concludes talking about how 2020 rover will attempt to do.
The sequence is 3142.

D is the correct answer.

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