Read the following passage and provide appropriate answers for the questions

This is one of the unanswered questions that I want to explore. I believe that this is certainly one of the
deeper questions about technology. Why do I say so? Without evolution technologies seem to be born
independently and improve independently. Each must come from some unexplained mental process,
some form of creativity or thinking outside the box that brings it into existence and separately develops
it. With evolution, new technologies would be birthed in some precise way from previous ones, albeit with considerable mid-wifing, and develop though some understood process of adaptation. In other words, if
we could understand evolution, we could understand the most precious of processes: innovation. But, let
me define evolution before I proceed further. The word evolution has two general meanings. One is the
gradual development of something, as with the evolution of ballet or the English madrigal. The other
is the process by which all objects of some class are related by ties of common descent from the collection of earlier objects. The latter is what I mean by evolution.

Question 31

Which of the following can be inferred from the passage?
I. The author’s main concern is to develop a theory of innovation.
II. The author is interested in putting forth a theory of technological evolution.
III. The author believes before developing a theory of technological evolution, one needs to investigated whether technology evolves at all.
IV. Evolution, as the author puts it, is a sense of common relatedness.


Statement I: Since this is the author's primary concern in the passage, this is a correct statement.

Statement II: This statement can also be understood as the author's contention to put forth a theory of the development of technologies. This should not be confused with the theory of evolution that the author described in the passage. Thus, this statement is also correct.

Statement III: Since this statement is nowhere mentioned and stated in the passage, this is not a correct statement.

Statement IV: Evolution as a 'sense of relatedness' is a very vague description. Thus, this is not a correct statement.

Thus, the correct option is A.

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