Answer the questions based on the following information.
The following table gives the urban population of a country and the percentages of total population in rural and urban areas as recorded in the 10-years censuses during 1901-81.
Table 1. Urban and rural population 1901-1981

Question 25

The smallest rate of increase in urban population in a decade during 1921-1961 occurred in


Let's solve the options one by one ,

Option A :Rate of increase of urban population during 1951-61 = $$\frac{79-62}{62}$$ = 0.274

Option B :Rate of increase of urban population during 1941-51 = $$\frac{62-44}{44}$$ = 0.409

Option C :Rate of increase of urban population during 1931-41 = $$\frac{44-33}{33}$$ = 0.33

Option D :Rate of increase of urban population during 1921-31 = $$\frac{12-11}{11}$$ = 0.091

Among the above values smallest rate of increase was during 1951-61

Hence A is the correct answer.

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