Question 24

The passage given below is followed by four alternate summaries. Choose the option that best captures the essence of the passage.

Aesthetic political representation urges us to realize that ‘the representative has autonomy with regard to the people represented’ but autonomy then is not an excuse to abandon one’s responsibility. Aesthetic autonomy requires cultivation of ‘disinterestedness’ on the part of actors which is not indifference. To have disinterestedness, that is, to have comportment towards the beautiful that is devoid of all ulterior references to use - requires a kind of aesthetic commitment; it is the liberation of ourselves for the release of what has proper worth only in itself.


The paragraph discusses two essential elements: it begins by presenting the facet of autonomy enjoyed by the representative in Aesthetic political representation and then highlights the cultivation of "disinterestedness" in this regard. Additionally, the author distinctly identifies the aforementioned concept as being not the same as that of "indifference". Post this, towards the end. The author presents the reason behind this assertion. Option B correctly captures these two aspects without distorting the overall meaning.

Option A: The author does not claim that the autonomy "manifested" through disinterestedness. 

Option C: The statement here contains added elements which cannot be inferred from the passage. 

Option D: This alternative fails to capture the essence of the discussion and describes a single component. {'political representation' might again be incorrect}

Hence, of the given summaries, Option B aptly captures the substance of the passage.

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