Question 23

There is a sentence that is missing in the paragraph below. Look at the paragraph and decide in which blank (option 1, 2, 3, or 4) the following sentence would best fit.

Sentence: This has meant a lot of uncertainty around what a wide-scale return to office might look like in practice.

Paragraph: Bringing workers back to their desks has been a rocky road for employers and employees alike. The evolution of the pandemic has meant that best-laid plans have often not materialised. ___(1)___ The flow of workers back into offices has been more of a trickle than a steady stream. ___(2)___ Yet while plenty of companies are still working through their new policies, some employees across the globe are now back at their desks, whether on a full-time or hybrid basis. ___(3)___ That means we’re beginning to get some clarity on what return-to-office means - what’s working, as well as what has yet to be settled. ___(4)___


The sentence would best fit in Blank 2 because it ties together the ideas presented in the paragraph. The paragraph describes the problems in getting back the employees in the office. In the first two lines, the author mentions this problem. The given sentence gives the effect of the problems and hence will occupy the blank 2. Also, after blank 2, the author changes the flow of the idea and starts describing the present scenario regarding the steps taken by the companies to face this issue.

Thus, the correct option is B.

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