Question 18

Carefully read the following paragraphs:

The Lannisters had ______ gold than the Tyrells until the Lannister army sacked Highgarden and took the Tyrell fortune to pay back the Iron Bank. On the other hand, the Northern army has ______ than 10,000 men and therefore, Jon needs to bend the knee to Daenerys. What happens in the story next is dependent on George R. Martin, the writer of the series. For ______, he has not written anything further and we hope George R. Martin will get around to finishing the book _______. But as it happens, ________, book releases are delayed.

Fill in the blanks meaningfully, in the above paragraph, from the following options.


The first blank should be either "fewer" or "less". Since gold is uncountable here and the army is mentioned as 10000(countable), the adjective "less" will be used with gold and "fewer" with the army. Hence, options B, D and E are eliminated.

"some time" is used when a period of unspecified time is mentioned. Hence, it will be used in the third blank.

"sometime" is used to denote an uncertain time in past or future. Hence, it will be used for the fourth blank.

Hence, the answer is option A.

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