Question 124

A can do half of a piece of work in 1 day, whereas B can do full. B can do half the work as C in 1 day. The ratio of their efficiencies of work is


Let the Work be W

According to the Problem,

Work done by A in 1 day = $$\frac{W}{2}$$

Work done by B in 1 day = $$W$$

Given, B can do half the work as C in 1 day

$$=$$> $$W=\frac{Work\ done\ by\ C\ in\ 1\ day}{2}$$

$$=$$> Work done by C in 1 day = $$2W$$

$$\therefore\ $$Ratio of their efficiencies of work = $$\frac{W}{2}:W:2W=\frac{1}{2}:1:2=1:2:4$$

Hence, the correct answer is Option D

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