Study the situation given below to answer these questions.

Rajesh Kumar, a factory superintendent of the Asia company, takes trips through the factory at different hours and on different days. He likes to talk with the operative employees and ask them questions about their work, the families, the material they are using and the machine being operated. He believes that such conversation makes for better morale and also lets him know what is taking place in the factory.

Every monday morning at the production meeting, he brings up some aspects of information picked up from the previous week’s factory visits and askes for an explanation of it. Usually his production management personnel answers him, but Kumar continues asking about other bits of information he received until his associates are unable to answer or inform him that he has incorrect information. Rajesh, however, insists that the operative employees are telling him the truth and sometimes he points out that the same information is given to him by different employees in different departments. Some of his associates have suggested that they accompany Kumar during his factory tours, but he will have no part of this, stating that more than one management member is with him. He claims the friendly, sincere atmosphere he has achieved with many of the workers in the factory is a definite advantage and helps communication, and he does not want to jeopardise it in any way.

Kumar is not entirely satisfied with his production control manager, Anil Sinha, who just does not seem to comprehend what he is told. Kumar admits the manufacturing work is getting quite complicted, but it irks him when Sinha just stands there and replies ‘yes’, ‘yes’, ‘yes’. Kumar has noticed that Sinha says he understands a request or a suggestion or a change given to him, but then proceeds to go about his work as if nothing had been said to him.

Question 12

Rajesh Kumar’s factory visits are intended to

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