XAT 2017 Question 12

Question 12

Choose the option with all the correct words and their correct accent (underlined syllable) that fits the blanks.

The suspension of the captain may _________ the number of spectators, who turn up for this match.
Transportation costs will directly __________ the cost of retail goods.
Grandmother’s advancing age could _________ her ability to take care of the house.
She ______ a Texan accent throughout the interview.


'Affect' is used to describe that an action causes some effect on the result.
The suspension of the captain will impact the number of spectators.
Transportation costs will impact the price of goods. 
Grandmother's increasing age will impact her ability to take care of the house. 

'Affect' should be used to fill the first 3 blanks. 

Therefore, option C is the right answer. 

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