IIFT 2018 Question 106

Question 106

Garima had only Rs. 200. Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 notes in her wallet. She goes to Shoppers Stop. purchases some dresses and gives half of her Rs. 2000 notes & in turn receives same number of Rs. 200 notes. She then goes to a restaurant and gives all her Rs. 500 notes and receives thirty Rs. 2000 notes, which increases the number of Rs. 2000 notes she had by. 75%.- If now she has fifty Rs. 200 notes. what were the original number of Rs. 2000 and Rs. 200 notes she had at the start?


Garima had x notes of Rs 2000. She gave x/2 notes of Rs 2000. She is left with x-x/2 = x/2 notes

x/2  + 30 = 1.75x/2

=> x= 80

So, she remains 80/2 = 40 Rs 200 notes

So she must be having 50-40 = 10 Rs 200 notes.

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Jasmeen Bhardwaj

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