RPF 10 Jan 2019 Slot 1 Question 101

Question 101

Martin donates 13% of his Salary to Visually challenged organization, 12% of his Salary to Orphanage, 14% of his Salary to Physically challenged organization and 16% of his Salary to the foundations for medical help. The remaining amount of Rs.40950 of Salary has been deposited in the bank for monthly expenses. Find the amount donated to Orphanage.


If total salary is 100%, then % salary remaining after the donations = $$100-(13+12+14+16)=45\%$$

According to ques, $$45\%\equiv Rs.$$ $$40,950$$

Thus, amount donated to orphanage = $$12\%\equiv\frac{40950}{45}\times12$$

= $$910\times12=Rs.$$ $$10,920$$

=> Ans - (A)

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