Question 100

A sum of Rs. 38,500 was divided among Jagdish, Punit and Girish. Who received the minimum amount?

A. Jadgish received 2/9 of what Punit and Girish received together.

B. Punit received 3/11 of what Jadgish and Girish received together.


Let amount received by Jagdish, Punit and Girish be j,p,g rs. such that j+p+g = 38500. According to statement A , j= 2*(p+g)/9 . Using this alone we can't answer the question.
Now consider statement B , we have p = 3*(j+g)/11. Using this alone we can't answer the question. But considering both statements together we can answer the question. Hence, option C is the correct answer.

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