Question 1

Read the sentences and choose the option that best arranges them in a logical order.
1. He might make the opposite mistake; when I want to assign a name to this group of nuts, he might understand it as a numeral,
2. Now, one can ostensively define a proper name, the name of a colour, the name of a material, a numeral, the name of a point of the compass and so on.
3. The definition of the number two. "That is called 'two' " pointing to two nuts is perfectly exact. But how can two be defined like that?
4. He may suppose this; but perhaps he does not.
5. The person one gives the definition to doesn't know what one wants to call "two"; he will suppose that "two" is the name given to this group of nuts!


After reading all the sentences, we can see that statement 2 is a general statement and hence, the opening sentence. Statement 3 mentions a specific case of what has been mentioned in statement 2. 'He' is statements 4 and 1 refers to the person mentioned in statement 5. So, statement 5 should precede statements 4 and 1. The 'mistake' mentioned in statement 1 refers to the mistake mentioned in statement 4. So, statement 1 should follow statement 4. Thus, the correct order is 2 - 3 - 5 - 4 - 1.
hence, option B is the correct answer.

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