Work Experience Documents Required by IIMs

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Have you been shortlisted for the interview rounds at any of the IIMs? A big congratulations to you for this success! You are now very close to your dream of joining an IIM. But before you start preparing for your grueling interview process, make sure all your documents are in place.

The Workex Documents Required by IIM during verification process are so important, that if you fail to submit the authentic documents or they find any fault in them, your chances to get into your dream B-school would be at stake.

What are the essential documents required to verify my workex? What are the things I should take care of for this process? How can I obtain these documents to avoid last-minute haste? What are the mistakes to avoid? All these questions will be answered in this blog, and you will have a clear idea about the document verification process at the IIMs after reading this blog. So, stick till the end!

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Documents Required by IIMs for Work Experience Verification

For Service Industry

In case you are working or have past work experience in the service sector, you will need to produce the following documents during the Workex verification process at an IIM:

1. Experience Letter

    It is a document issued by your employer upon the completion of your tenure with the organization. It should include your designation, roles and responsibilities, tenure of working, and the start and end dates of work with the same organization. Make sure you keep all the experience letters from all your previous organization. This letter may often show your achievements during the tenure.

    2. Appointment Letter

      This document is the foundation of your workex verification documents. In case you are currently working in an organization, the institute will demand a signed appointment letter to validate your employment status. This letter too shall include all the important details such as your designation and joining date.

      3. Relieving Letter

        The institute may demand a relieving letter as well for all the previous work experiences you have.

        4. Salary Slips or Payslips

          Provide your first and last 3 months’ salary slips to the institute as evidence of your employment and income as well.

          5. Letter of Recommendation

          Though this document is not always required, it is still mandatory for certain institutions. You can obtain it from your organization upon request.

          6. Service Letter

          In case you are currently working, you can also prove your employment status and experience in your current organization using a service letter. This letter is also obtained upon request. Make sure it is signed by your organization and your superior authority.

          For Business Proprietors (Family Business)

          You can still include it as job experience if you are managing your own company or working for a family-run enterprise. During the verification procedure, you will have to present certain documentation to demonstrate that you are, in fact, actively participating in the business's operations and are not only a family member or passive owner.

          Among the documents you'll require are:

          1. Income Tax Return: This is a record of your income and tax obligations for a given year. It can serve as evidence that you have received money from your company and have paid taxes on it. Your income tax return is available via your chartered accountant or on the Income Tax Department website.
          2. Certificate of Registration: A certificate of registration is proof that your company is officially registered and accepted by the authorities. It might demonstrate that your company is a real and respectable one. Your local registrar of companies or the Ministry of Corporate Affairs website are the places where you can get your certificate of registration.
          3. MSME Certificate: An MSME certificate is proof that your company is classified as a micro, small, or medium-sized organization (MSME). It may demonstrate that your company has a particular degree of employee turnover. Your district industries center or the Udyam Registration Portal are the places where you can get your MSME certificate.
          4. Udyog Aadhar Registration Certificate: This document demonstrates that your company has a government-issued unique identity number. It can serve as proof that your company is registered under the Udyog Aadhar system and that you qualify for several MSMEs-specific schemes and advantages. Your district industries center or the Udyam Registration Portal are the places where you may get your Udyog Aadhar registration certificate.
          5. Letterhead (from the head of the family in case of a family business): You can obtain a letterhead from the head of your family in case of a family business. It must also state your roles and responsibilities towards the business.


          Bank Statement and Cash Voucher: Other kinds of documentation can be used to demonstrate your work experience even if you are not a business owner but have worked on various projects or occupations.
          A bank statement and a cash voucher are records of your earnings and outlays for a given time frame. They can substantiate your claim that you were paid for the labour you performed and that you incurred expenses for work-related purposes. Your bank or an online banking service can provide you with your bank statement.

          Recall that throughout the application process, honesty and openness are crucial. Following the instructions and providing authorization  is a document issued by your employer upon the completion of your tenure with the organized paperwork not only makes your application stronger, but it also shows that you are a professional and honest person. I hope your MBA path is successful and that you have success in both your academic and professional pursuits!

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