Top MBA Colleges Without Sectional Cut-offs

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Top MBA Colleges Without Sectional Cut-offs

Best MBA colleges without sectional cut-offs can open doors to opportunities you thought were closed. Scored low in one section of the CAT exam and worried your MBA dreams are crushed? Relax! Many top MBA colleges in India consider your overall score, not individual section percentiles.

From prestigious IITs to industry-focused institutes, we'll list options for diverse career paths and budgets for MBA aspirants. Discover colleges known for strong academics, stellar placements, and vibrant communities. We would also include the advantages of MBA colleges without sectional cutoffs in this blog.

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MBA Colleges in India

The CAT 2023 exam was held on November 26, 2023, by IIM Lucknow. It is one of the crucial steps in every aspiring MBA grad’s journey. The annually held CAT exam assesses applicants' quantitative ability, verbal ability, logical reasoning, and data interpretation skills.

While securing a desirable CAT percentile is essential, some candidates might find themselves facing an additional hurdle: individual section cutoff requirements. However, fret not! Numerous esteemed MBA colleges in India prioritize your overall potential. Some of the best MBA colleges, without sectional cutoff, grant admission based solely on your total CAT score.

CAT Cut-off for IIMs and Top MBA Colleges

A "sectional cut-off" in the CAT exam refers to the minimum required score in each section (Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude) to be considered for further admission stages, like the Written Ability Test (WAT) and Group Discussion-Personal Interview (PI).

However, it's important to know that most top B-schools, especially IIMs, don't officially announce sectional cutoffs. They mainly focus on an overall percentile score.

CategoryB-School TierQuantitative Aptitude PercentileVerbal Ability & Reading Comprehension PercentileData Interpretation & Logical Reasoning Percentile
GeneralTop IIMs85-90+85-90+85-90+
GeneralTier 270-80+70-80+70-80+
GeneralTier 360-70+60-70+60-70+
ReservedTop IIMs75-85+75-85+75-85+
ReservedTier 260-70+60-70+60-70+
ReservedTier 350-60+50-60+50-60+

Top MBA Colleges Without Sectional Cut-offs

College NameOverall CAT Percentile Requirement
IIM Rohtak
DoMS IIT Madras96+
MHRM IIT Kharagpur80+
DMS IIT Delhi98+
IMT Ghaziabad85+
SJIMSR Pune85+
SPJIMR Mumbai90+
IMI Delhi90+
TAPMI Manipal85+
GIM Goa85+
XIMB Bhubaneswar85+
FMS Delhi98+
DSE Delhi University90+
MDI Gurgaon90+

Advantages of Colleges With No Sectional Cutoff

Opportunities for Non-Traditional Backgrounds

Makes it easier for candidates with non-traditional academic or professional backgrounds to be considered based on their overall potential.

Inclusive Selection Criteria

Allows candidates with strong skills in one area to compensate for weaknesses in another, providing a more holistic evaluation.

Reduces Stress

Removes the pressure of meeting specific sectional cutoffs, enabling candidates to focus on performing consistently across all sections.

Diverse Student Profiles

Attracts candidates with varied strengths and backgrounds, enriching the learning environment and fostering broader perspectives.

Flexibility in Application Strategies

Enables candidates to adjust their preparation and application approach based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Fair Evaluation of Specialized Skills

Allows schools to consider candidates with exceptional abilities in specific areas, even if their overall score may not be as high.

While these colleges may not have official sectional cut-offs, it's still crucial to perform well across all sections for a strong application. With Cracku’s well-rounded mock tests, aspirants can prepare themselves for the actual CAT 2024 exam. They can also access free study materials, and daily targets and compete with other candidates to see where they stand in a crowd.

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