SSC JE Civil Engineering 23rd Jan 2018 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 141

Which of the following error is most likely to occur in the plane table surveying?

Question 142

Which of the following is the expression for the additive constant, if f is the focal
length of objective and i is the stadia interval?

Question 143

The staff reading taken on a staff held at a distance of 50 m from the instrument
with the bubble central is 1.465 m. When the bubble is moved 4 divisions
out of the centre, the staff reading is 1.472 m. What will be the radius of curvature (m) of the
bubble tube, if the length of one division is 2 mm?

Question 144

Which of the following is the CORRECT ratio of refraction correction to curvature

Question 145

Which of the following instrument is used for centering the theodolite in windy

Question 146

Which of the following test is used to make the line of sight perpendicular to the
horizontal axis?

Question 147

Which of the following statement is TRUE for the linear reservoir?

Question 148

A 45 cm diametre well penetrates an unconfined aquifer of 30 m thick. Under the
steady pumping rate for a long time, the drawdown’s at two observation
wells 10 m and 20 m from the pumping well are 5 m and 3.5 m respectively. What will be the
discharge (cubic metre), if the permeability of the aquifer is given as 20

Question 149

What will be the cant deficiency (cm), if maximum safe speed on a 5 Degree
curve of a broad gauge track is 110 km/h and average speed of train is 85

Question 150

What will be the shift of transition curve, if the length of transition curve is 80 m
and radius of the curve is 300 m?

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