SSC JE Civil Engineering 23rd Jan 2018 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 191

A compound bar consists of two bars of equal length. Steel bar cross-section is 3500 $$mm^{2}$$ and that of brass bar is 3000 $$mm^{2}$$. These are subjected to a compressive load 100,000 N. If $$E_b=0.2$$ $$\frac{MN}{mm^{2}}$$, the stresses developed are

Question 192

The radius of gyration of rectangular section (depth D, width B) from a centroidal
axis parallel to the width is

Question 193

For determining the force in AB of the truss shown in the figure below by method of sections, the section is made to pass through AB, AD and ED and the moments are taken about

Question 194

The force is CD of the truss shown in the figure

Question 195

A shaft rotating N.R.M. under a torque T, transmits a power of

Question 196

The greatest load which a spring can carry without getting permanently distorted
is called

Question 197

In case of a simply supported I - section beam of span L and loaded with a
central load W, the length of elasto-plastic zone of the plastic hinge is

Question 198

The horizontal thrust on the ends of a two-hinged semicircular arch of radius R

Question 199

If a three-hinged parabolic arch, (span l, rise h) is carrying a uniformly distributed
load w/unit length over the entire span,

Question 200

The equivalent length of a column of length L having both the end fixed is

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