SSC JE Civil Engineering 23rd Jan 2018 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 151

Design of a riveted joint, is based on the assumption

Question 152

Effective length of a column effectively held in position and restrained in
directions at both ends is

Question 153

The slenderness ratio of a column is zero when its length

Question 154

Outstanding length of a compression member consisting of a channel is
measured as

Question 155

The equivalent axial load may be defined as the load which produces a stress
equal to

Question 156

For the economical design of a combined footing to support two equal column
loads the projections of beams in lower tier are kept such that bending
moment under column is equal to

Question 157

A beam is defined as a structural member subjected to

Question 158

The gross section of the web of a beam is defined as

Question 159

The effective length L of a simply supported beam with ends restrained against
torsion, and also the ends of compression flange partially restrained
against lateral bending is given by

Question 160

The connection of one beam to another beam by means of an angle at the
bottom and an angle at the top, is known as

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