SSC JE Civil Engineering 2011


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 141

In limit state of collapse against flexure, the maximum strain in tension reinforcement at failure shall not be less than

Question 142

Aslab is designed as a two-wayslab if the ratio of long span to short span is greater than

Question 143

According to IS 456: 2000, the maximum depth of stress block for balanced section of beam of effective depth d using steel with $$f_{y}$$ = 250, is given by

Question 144

If $$\phi$$ is the diameter of a bar in tension, a standard hook is equivalent to the anchorage value of straight length given by

Question 145

. The HYSD reinforcement in RC slab shall not be less than

Question 146

The maximum allowable slenderness ratio for axially loaded membercarrying tension only is

Question 147

A strutisa

Question 148

Theeffective slendernessratio of laced columns, compared to actual maximum slendernesgsratio shall be considered as

Question 149

According to Unwin’s formula, the relation between diameter of rivet hole (d) in mm, and thickness of plate (t) in mm is given by

Question 150

The lacing bars in steel columns should be designedto resist

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