SSC JE Civil Engineering 2011


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 131

Le-Chatelier’s method can be used to determine

Question 132

Grading of aggregate in a concrete mix is necessary to achieve

Question 133

The purpose of concrete compactionis to

Question 134

The test strength of the sample is taken as the average of the strength of

Question 135

An aggregate is said to be flaky if its least dimension islessthan

Question 136

The deflection of beam is reduced by

Question 137

Modulus of rigidity is expressed as

Question 138

For a rectangular beam, the maximum shear stress is related to average shearstress,$$\tau_{av}$$, by

Question 139

The standard consistency test is done in a

Question 140

The Static modulus of elasticity $$(E_{c})$$ of the concrete for the short term loading may be derived as

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