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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 141

Three containers whose volumes are in the ratio of 2 : 3 : 4 are full of mixture of spirit and water. In the 1st container, the ratio of spirit and water is 4: 1, in the 2nd container the ratio is 11 : 4 and in the 3rd container ratio is 7: 3. All the three mixture are mixed in a big container. The ratio of spirit and water in the resultant mixture is :

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Question 142

If the difference between the average of x, y and y, z is 12 then the difference between x and z is:

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Question 143

PS is a diameter of a circle of radius 6 cm. In the diameter PS, Q and R are two point such that PQ, QR and RS are all equal. Semicircles are drawn on PQ and QS as diameter (as shown in the figure). The perimeter of shaded portion is:

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Question 144

The ratio of inradius and circumradius of an equilateral triangle is:

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Question 145

In the adjoining figure $$\angle AOC=140°$$ where O is the centre of the circle then $$\angle ABC$$ is equal to:

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Question 146

Let ABCDEF be a prism whose base is a right angled triangle, where sides adjacent to $$90^{\circ}$$ are $$9$$ cm and $$12$$ cm. If the cost of painting the prism is Rs. 151.20, at the rate of 20 paise per sq cm then the height of the prism is:

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Question 147

If $$\sec \theta +\tan \theta=2$$, then the value of $$\sin \theta$$ is:

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Question 148

The simple interest on a sum of money for 3 years is Rs. 240 and the compound interest on the same sum, at the same rate for 2 years is Rs. 170. The rate of interest is:

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Question 149

If $$x+\frac{1}{x}=-2$$ then the value of $$x^{p}+x^{q}$$ is: (Where p is an even number and q is an odd number)

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Question 150

If the area of a square is increased by 44%, retaining its shape as a square, each of its sides increases by:

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