SSC CPO 14th-March-2019-Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 141

If $$4\tan\theta=3,\frac{5\sin\theta-3\cos\theta}{5\sin\theta+3\cos\theta}$$ is equal to:

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Question 142

The angles of a triangle are $$2x-3, x+12, x-1$$. The largest angle of the triangle is:

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Question 143

If $$(2x-5)^3+(x-4)^3+(x-11)^3=3(2x-5)(x-4)(x-11)$$ then what is the value of x ?

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Question 144

If $$a^3-b^3=416$$ and $$a-b=8$$, then $$(a+b)^2-ab$$ is equal to:

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Question 145

The given pie-chart depicts the expenditure incurred in crores towards each sport.

In the given pie-chart, what is the ratio of expenditure between hockey and gymnastics?

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Question 146

A sells 12 bicycles at a profit of ₹ 516 per bicycle and sells 3 bicycles at a loss of ₹ 129 per bicycle. If the total profit percentage on all the bicycles sold is 15%. the cost price per bicycle is:

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Question 147

$$7-(4\times3-(-10)\times8\div(-4))$$ is equal to:

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Question 148

21 typists complete a project in 8 days. In how many days 15 typists will complete the project?

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Question 149

Three pipes X. Y and Z discharge three different chemicals A. B and C in a tank. The pipes can fill the tank in 20. 25 and 40 minutes respectively. What will be the proportion of chemical B in the tank, if all the pipes are open for 10 minutes?

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Question 150

A pipe can fill a tank in 32 minutes. Due to a leakage, the tank gets filled in 48 minutes. The time the leakage will take to empty the full tank is:

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