SSC CHSL 29 Jan 2017 Afternoon Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

Among three numbers, the first is twice the second and thrice the third. If the average of three numbers is 506, then what is the difference between the first and the third number?

Question 82

What is the distance between the points (4,­8) and (­-2,0)?

Question 83

For triangle PQR, find equation of altitude PS if co­ordinates of P, Q and R are (6,2), (0,3) and (­4,5) respectively?

Question 84

In ΔPQR, S and T are points on side PQ and PR respectively. ST is parallel to QR. If S divides PQ in the ratio 4:3 and length of QR is 4.9 cm, find ST?

Question 85

Makarand works 2 times as fast as Samarjit. If Samarjit can complete a job alone in 27 days, then in how many days can they together finish the job?

Question 86

The ratio of present ages of Ramya and Saurabh is 8:7. After 10 years the ratio of their ages will be 12:11. What is Ramya's present age?

Question 87

Simple interest on a certain sum of money for 3 years at 16% per annum is half the compound interest on Rs. 12000 for 2 years at 10% per annum. The sum placed on simple interest is

Question 88

What is the altitude of an equilateral triangle whose side is 12√3 cm?

Question 89

An engineering student has to secure 25% marks to pass. He gets 56 and fails by 34 marks. Find the maximum marks.

Question 90

30% discount is offered on an item. By applying a promo code the customer wins 20% cash back. What is the effective discount?

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