SSC CHSL 24 March 2018 Afternoon Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The sum of two numbers is 7 and the sum their squares is 23, their product is equal to:

Question 2

The difference between two numbers is 1146. When we divide the larger number by smaller we get 4 as quotient and 6 as remainder. Find the larger number.

Question 3

Find the value of $$n+n+\frac{3n}{2}+\frac{9n}{4}+.........\infty$$

Question 4

If $$2x^2+2y^2=4a$$, then find the value of $$\frac{2a}{x^2-a}+\frac{2a}{y^2-a}$$

Question 5

Choose the CORRECT option if the two sides of a triangle is of length 4 cm and 10 cm and the length of its third side is a cm.

Question 6

An isosceles triangle ABC has sides AB = AC. If side BA is produced to D in such a manner that AC = AD. Then what will be the measure of angle BCD?

Question 7

Rahul’s salary is 40% of Mohit’s salary. If Rahul’s salary is increased by 60% and Mohit’s salary is decreased by 20%, then Rahul’s salary will be how much percentage of Mohit’s salary?

Question 8

Rs. 7750 is divided among X, Y and Z such that 3 times of X’s share is equal to 5 times of Y’s share which is equal to 2 times of Z’s share. What is the share (in Rs) of Z?

Question 9

Lokesh starts a business with Rs. 240000. After 3 months Vishal joins him with Rs 210000. At the end of the year what will be the ratio of their profit?

Question 10

The average weight of two players P and Q of a football team is 38 kg. The average weight of P, Q and their coach T is 49 kg. What is the weight (in kg) of coach?

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