SSC CHSl 14 March 2018 Afternoon Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The sum of a proper fraction and its reciprocal is $$\frac{61}{30}$$. Find the fraction.

Question 2

Sum of four consecutive odd numbers is 208. Find the largest number.

Question 3

If $$\frac{-5x}{3}+2=x-6$$, then fond the value of 'x'.

Question 4

Divya and Kriti have total 46 candies. If Divya has 10 candies more than kriti, then find the total number of candies Divya have?

Question 5

Triangle ABC as shown in the figure has line XY parallel to the BC and the line BY is the bisector of angle XYC. Which of the following option is correct?

Question 6

Analyze the figure shown below in which DE || BC and the other dimensions are as follows AD=3 cm, BD=4 cm, AE=4.4 cm and DE=6 cm. Calculate the length (in cm) of BC.

Question 7

Two numbers are more than the third number by 16.25% and 55% respectively. First number is what percentage of the second number?

Question 8

If $$u : v = v : w$$, then what is the value of $$u^4 : v^4$$ ?

Question 9

R and S started a business by investing Rs 165000 and Rs 195000 respectively for the same period of time. If R’s share in the profit earned by them is Rs 11000, then what is the total profit (in Rs) earned by both of them together?

Question 10

The average of 12 numbers is 35. If four numbers 20, 27, 15 and 29 are removed then what will be the average of remaining numbers?

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