SSC CHSl 14 March 2018 Afternoon Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

What is the difference (in Rs) between compound interest (compounded annually) and simple interest for 3 years on a principal of Rs 3000 at the annual rate of 20% ?

Question 12

A dishonest shopkeeper uses a weight of 850 gm instead of 1 kg and sells rice on its cost price. What will be his profit percentage on selling 5 kg rice?

Question 13

A fan is sold at a discount of 37.5%. If the marked price of the fan is Rs 7200, then what is the selling price (in Rs) of the fan?

Question 14

What is the simplified value of $$2\sqrt[3]{243}+3\sqrt[3]{9}-\sqrt[3]{1125}$$ ?

Question 15

24 men can repair a road in 50 days. If they are joined by 16 more men, then in how much time (in days) the road can be repaired?

Question 16

Two motorcycles are moving towards each other with the speeds of 38 km/hr and 88 km/hr respectively. One second before the collision what will be the distance (in metres) between the two motorcycles?


The bar graph shows 1 month's sales figures of different brands of televisions of a certain electronics store in Rs 1000s. Study the diagram and answer the following questions.

Question 17

Sales of which television brand were the second lowest?

Question 18

What is the ratio of sales of brand E to that of brand A?

Question 19

Sales of brand B was lesser than that of brand G by ________.

Question 20

If the sales figures are exclusive of tax then at the rate of 12% tax how much is the tax to be paid (in Rs) on the sales of all the 7 brands of televisions?

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