SSC CHSL 13 March 2018 Afternoon Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

What is the place value and face value of 9 in 68956 respectively?

Question 2

Find the unit place digit in 71 x 72 x 73 x 74 x 76 x 77 x 78 x 79.

Question 3

The value of $$1+2^{2}+2^{3}+2^{4}+---+2^{9}$$ is __________.

Question 4

What will be the value of $$a^{3}+b^{3}$$ ,if $$a^{2}+b^{2} =32$$ and $$a+b=8$$ ?

Question 5

The line bisecting all the three angles of a triangle meets at a common point. This point is known as ______________.

Question 6

The point of the intersection of three medians is known as the ____________.

Question 7

If P = 5X and Q = X, then P is how much percentage more than Q?

Question 8

The ratio of three numbers is 2 : 5 : 7. If their product is 1890, then what is the sum of the three numbers?

Question 9

P starts a business with Rs 14000. After 8 months Q joins P with Rs. 8000. After 3 years, what will be the ratio of the profit of P and Q?

Question 10

A person bought 100 cars for Rs 40000. If the average price of 60 cars is Rs 500,then what will be the average price (in Rs) of remaining cars?

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