SSC CHSL 1 November 2015 Morning Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 121

The sum of $$\frac{1}{x + y}$$ and $$\frac{1}{x - y}$$ is

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Question 122

The LCM of two numbers is 12 times their HCF. The sum of the HCF and LCM is 403. If one of the number is 93, then the other is

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Question 123

The average marks of 14 students was 71. It was later found that the marks of one of the students has been wrongly entered as 42 instead of 56 and of another as 74 instead of 32. What is the correct average?

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Question 124

A can do half of a piece of work in 1 day, whereas B can do full. B can do half the work as C in 1 day. The ratio of their efficiencies of work is

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Question 125

If $$x = 5$$, then the value of the expression $$x^2 - 2 + \left(\frac{1}{x^2}\right)$$ is

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Question 126

If $$a + \left(\frac{1}{a}\right) = -1$$, then the value of $$(1 - a + a^2)(1 + a - a^2)$$ is

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Question 127

Base of a prism of height 10 cm is square. Total surface area of the prism is 192 sq. cm. The volume of the prism is

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Question 128

15 men can finish a work in 20 days, however it takes 24 women to finish it in 20 days. If 10 men and 8 women undertake to complete the work, then they will take

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Question 129

A low land, 48 m long and 31.5 m broad is raised to 6.5 dm. For this, earth is removed from a cuboidal hole, 27 m long and 18.2 m broad, dug by the side of the land. The depth of the hole will be

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Question 130

A man rows to a place 60 km distant and back in 13 hours 30 minutes. He finds that he can row 5 km with the stream in the same time as he can row 4 km against the stream. Find the rate of the stream.

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