2017 SSC CGL 19 Aug Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

Point P (-2, 5) is the midpoint of segment AB. Co-ordinates of A are (-5, y) and B are (x, 3). What is the value of x?

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Question 92

What is the equation of a line having a slope -1/3 and y-intercept equal to 6?

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Question 93

ΔABC is right angled at B. BD is its altitude. AD = 4 cm and DC = 12 cm. What is the value of AB (in cm)?

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Question 94

What is the value of Sin 60° + (1/2) Cosec 45°? 

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Question 95

Δ LMN is right angled at M. If m ∠N = 45°. What is the length (in cm) of MN, if NL = 6√2 cm?

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Question 96

If Cos θ = 35/37, then what is the value of Cosec θ?

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The line graph shows Net exports in million USD of a certain country (Net exports = Exports - Imports). Study the diagram and answer the following questions. 

Question 97

In how many years were the net exports more than that of the previous year?

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Question 98

If the exports in 2013 were 90 million USD then what was the imports (in million USD)?

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Question 99

What is the ratio of net exports in year 2015 to that in year 2011?

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Question 100

Cumulative net exports (in million USD) from the beginning of 2011 to the end of 2014 was?

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