2017 SSC CGL 19 Aug Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

In the first 45 overs of a 50 over innings, the run rate was 5.8 runs per over. What is the required run rate in the remaining overs to reach the target of 295 runs?

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Question 82

A milkman buys milk at Rs 24 per litre. He adds 1/5 of water to it and sells the mixture at Rs 32 per litre. What will be his gain (in %)?

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Question 83

When a number is increased by 105, it becomes 135% of itself. What is the number?

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Question 84

Two cyclists P and Q cycle at 20 km/hr and 16 km/hr towards each other respectively. What was the distance (in kms) between them when they started if they met after 40 minutes?

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Question 85

If the amount received at 10% per annum Compound interest after 3 yrs is Rs 19965, then what will have been the principal (in Rs) amount?

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Question 86

 If 8x/3 + [7(5 - 2x/3)]/2 = 1/2 , then what is the value of x?

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Question 87

If a - b = -1 and ab = 6, then what is the value of $$a^{3} - b^{3}$$?

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Question 88

The sum of a fraction and 3 times its reciprocal is 31/6. What is the fraction?

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Question 89

The 2nd and 8th term of an arithmetic progression are 17 and -1 respectively. What is the 14th term?

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Question 90

What is the reflection of the point (2, 3) in the line y = 4?

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