2017 SSC CGL 16 Aug Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

The average of 8 consecutive natural numbers is 38.5. What is the largest of these 8 numbers?

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Question 82

If the cost price of 48 articles is equal to the selling price of 32 articles, then what is the profit percentage?

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Question 83

After deducting 12% from a certain sum and then deducting 25% from the remainder, 2508 is left, then what is the initial sum?

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Question 84

Two trains are moving in the opposite direction at speed of 30 km/hr and 45 km/hr respectively, whose lengths are 450 m and 550 m respectively. What is the time taken (in seconds) by slower train to cross the faster train?

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Question 85

A person lent certain sum of money at 10% per annum simple interest. In 20 years the interest amounted to Rs 500 more than the sum lent. What was the sum lent (in Rs)?

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Question 86

If a = 73, b = 74 and c = 75, then what is the value of $$a^{3} + b^{3} + c^{3}$$ - 3abc?

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Question 87

If $$x^{2}$$ + (1/$$x^{2}$$) = 31/9 and x > 0, then what is the value of $$x^{3}$$ + (1/$$x^{3}$$) ?

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Question 88


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Question 89

If x - (1/x) = 3, then what is the value of $$(2x^{4} + 3x^{3} + 13x^{2} - 3x + 2 / (3x^{4} + 3)?$$

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Question 90

In the given figure $$ST\parallel RP$$, then what is the value (in degrees) of supplementary angle of Y ?

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